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How to clean your carpet

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Carpets are an excellent option for decorating interiors as it adds pattern, color and texture to your home. Regular vacuuming is the initial measure to keep away grit and dirt preventing rug fibers from any damage. However, it requires regular cleaning to sustain their best looks. People residing in high-traffic regions must clean their carpets in 12 or 18 months. If you have pets, kids or light-colored rugs, the processes must be followed twice or thrice a year.How to clean your carpet

Cleaning steps

You must protect your carpet padding, furniture and subfloors while cleaning carpets. Take a partner’s help to remove furniture. Vacuum thoroughly to remove any residual material. Hiring a professional is recommended, as it is harmful to clean the rugs on your own.

In case, you have kids or pets, you may use a professionally designed home carpet cleaning system. A home cleaner is a long-term method that saves money. However, you must remember that home cleaners are not as powerful as the professional models.

Water Extraction

Steam cleaners are an effective cleaning method that uses the application ofwater extraction systems. They inject a liquid into the carpet and extract the filthy solution into the unit. Professionals choose a unit without a clean water hookup in order to avoid dragging the unit’s hose in the house. Moreover, the unit must be powerful enough to withstand the pressure of water extraction. The rugs must not be overly wet as it can damage the padding and cause shrinkage, odor or discoloration.

Dry Extraction

Another method of cleaning carpets is dry extraction. The technical experts apply a dry sponge-like compound on the affected area, and vacuum it thoroughly for stain removal and odor removal. This method is better than water extraction; however, dry compounds and machines are expensive than steam cleaners.

Odor Removal

Baking soda, water and white vinegar are suitable options to remove odor. Experts sprinkle your rug with baking soda and allow it to set overnight. After one or two days, they sweep the baking soda or vacuum the leftover baking soda if required.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Rental machines are available at any grocery store, which is an effective method. It includes cleaning solutions such as spot removers, shampoo, odor remover, defoamer and many others. A DIY project in this field is dangerous, as it involves the use of harmful chemicals. Always choose a professional to keep your carpets fresh and clean.

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