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Handy FAQs that will help you discover the most common cleaning ideas for your carpets.

Can I save my carpet from water damage?

The secret is reacting immediately when you spot moisture or serious water damage on carpets. It would be easier if you have rugs because they can be carried outside to dry better. If you have glued carpets on the floor, you will need to open the windows for odor removal and use any means possible – hair dryers, dehumidifiers and fans – to dry them completely. Mildew inspection will still be needed according to Carpet Cleaning West Hollywood.

Can rugs make my company more presentable?

Your goal at work is to gain the trust of more customers and keep all employees satisfied. Clients should walk into a nice, neat office and employees must work in safe, healthy environments. Carpets would look great and would make the greatest impressions only if carpet cleaning takes place on a daily basis. Oriental rugs would look fantastic at your private office but only if you understand the value of stain removal.

Can fleas really live in carpets?

Yes, especially if you have pets with ticks and fleas. While these pests live as parasites on animals, there is the chance that they roam around carpets that are also warm and fuzzy. Avoid letting your contaminated pets sleep on the rugs and carpets so that fleas won't find their way there.

Can carpet cleaners treat waterlogged carpeting due to flooding?

Carpet cleaners work with water damaged carpets and rugs. It may be caused by leaking pipes, flooding, or water damage after a fire. With severely water damaged carpeting, removal and drying of the baseboard needs to be completed. This is then followed by standard stain removal, cleaning, and drying of the carpet before reinstallation.

What’s the risk of mold growing once again after removal?

The risk can be minimized by eliminating the core cause of the problem. Mold in the kitchen and bathroom can be removed effectively with proper ventilation. If it pops up on walls and ceilings, better insulation will certainly help to prevent the problem from recurring in the future. You should always remember that mold removal is only half of the job which has to be done.

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