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Cleaning Mold from Carpet

11/10/2013 Back To Blog

Moldy carpeting can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare

Constant exposure within the home can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, runny eyes, sneezing and irritation of the lungs. Mold grows best in damp, warm environments, such as the inside of your house, and can flourish in the carpet if it gets wet and is not dried quickly enough.Cleaning Mold from Carpet

A bad odor or signs of mildew are often your first clues to a mold problem. Firstly, determine the source of the mold. Sometimes it is caused by a water leak within the home that soaks the carpet. It can also be caused by flooding, so drying and dehumidifying flooded areas is very important, and should be started as soon as the home owner finishes removing the water from the home. Improper carpet cleaning can leave water sitting inside the carpet and attract mold. After cleaning your carpet, make sure it is fully dried using fans, open windows, and the home ventilation system.

If you have serious concerns about your home, you can request a professional mold inspection. Qualified contractors can come to your home and offer a minimally invasive inspection, then give you an idea of what it will take to undergo mold removal.

After determining the source of the damage, the home owner should focus on the clean up and repair process. Depending on the extent of the damage, and the location, replacing or cleaning a small section of the carpet may be possible. Detergent, water, and a stem cleaner may remove a small section of mold from a carpet. Also, while a small area of carpeting may be replaced, aesthetically, it is more likely that the homeowner chooses to replace all of it. Before replacing the entire carpet, take certain steps to prevent the same damage from happening again.

Prevention is generally the best solution to the problem, as mold damage is so difficult to repair. Cleaning with dry foam instead of water will prevent soaking the carpet. Investing in higher quality, antimicrobial carpet backing may also be a smart choice if the problem were caused by high humidity levels or other structural problem. Do not install carpet in bathrooms. A dehumidifier can also solve the issue if your home has high humidity levels. Mold damage in the home is a serious problem, but it can be easily prevented. Taking those few simple steps now will save a lot of time and trouble later.

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